Timeless Coffee Roastery & Bakery

Oh the vegan chicken pesto pizza is my favorite. I had these two, and took one more to go.


Timeless is also dog friendly, so I brought Mr. Fox along. If you find yourself tripping through the East Bay, Timeless is a must. It is located at 4252 Piedmont Avenue in Oakland.

Facebook page: https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=128809113937051


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Oahu vegan adventure highlights **FOOD**

I sure did enjoy Oahu. It was my first trip, so I stayed in Honolulu near Waikiki Beach at the Hostel International, Waikiki. Just a short distance to the beach, it was what I thought would be a great location for a first timer. Once I got to see the rest of the island, that’s when I learned of Hawaii’s beauty. I have a few friends who live on Oahu, and two were available to spend time with me. The great part about them is one, Michelle, wanted to show her part of the island, The West Side, from Kapolei to Waianae where natives live. It was lovely, beautiful beaches and definitely not a part of town where the tourists go. We ended our night at Longboards Bar & Restaurant at the Marriott, and watched the sunset. My other friend, Rumi, who had her 7-month old son, Aidan, wanted to show me her part of the Island, the Southeast Side. She took me to Kailua Bay where President Obama vacations. After seeing that beautiful body of water, she took me to Hanauma Bay which is the touristy bit of paradise just east of Waikiki. For those tourists who stick to Waikiki, Hanauma Bay is their escape to something exotic. Rumi also introduced to the prepared foods heaven and vegetarian grocer that is, Down to Earth. No food pictures are below, but it’s definitely worth a visit for snacks, plane food and so much vegan food.

The day before I met up with Michelle, I found myself on a bus headed north to Haleiwa. It took an hour and a half to get from Honolulu to Haleiwa on a $2.50 bus transfer, but I was itching to see The North Shore and on a budget. I got there and enjoyed the small town feel of it. That’s when I realized I wish I had stayed up in that area. I didn’t know. I hoped on my hostel locator, and sure enough there were two in the area, but they had 2 night minimum stays, and I was already committed to my hostel. I told myself next time.

I didn’t want to take the same bus home because I wanted to drive the North Shore coast. The bus 55 did that. I caught the 55 and took it to Sunset Beach. I had about 30 minutes till the next bus came. It was getting dark and I had just enough time to shoot some pretty shots of the shore. I caught the next bus and it took 2 hours to get home. It was a dark ride home, and I wish I could have seen the coast. That night I booked a reservation for Roy’s Waikiki because I heard they had a fabulous prix fixe vegan menu. After eating for an hour and 15 minutes, I went to my room and crashed.

Hawaii was a great time made up of friends, tasty food, florals, beaches, bays, sunsets and waterfalls. Enjoy some of my highlights below! Mahalo! Feather


On a catamaran on Waikiki Beach


Pacific ocean sunset

Loving Hut, 1614 South King Street, Honolulu
This is the 14th Loving Hut I’ve visited 3 continents.


Loving Hut’s The Mongolian Delight. Best dish. I had it three times.


Loving Hut Island Drums with sugar cane sticks.

Loving hut cupcake

Loving hut cupcake


On a different LH, visit I got the lunch buffet and got the Sweet and Sour dish. I wish I had gotten Mongolian Delight again.

Peace Cafe, 2239 S. King Street, Honolulu


The second day, I visited Peace Cafe. I ordered bimbimbap, one of my favorites when I lived in Korea. I had been missing it lately. It was a little different than the Korean version, but tasty for sure.

After I had a large soy latte (not pictured), I decided to cool down with this vanilla ice cream, chocolate swirl and candied nuts dessert.

After I had a large soy latte (not pictured), I decided to cool down with this vanilla ice cream, chocolate swirl and candied nuts dessert.

Peace Cafe's avocado sandwich. It was good. I could have used mustard and more veggies, but it hit the spot after my 3-hour visit was coming to an end.

Peace Cafe’s avocado sandwich. It was good. I could have used mustard and more veggies, but it hit the spot after my 3-hour visit was coming to an end.

Roy’s Waikiki, 223 Lewers Street, Honolulu
I learned about the vegan prix fixe menu on HappyCow.net.
The waiter informed me that the menu changes monthly.


Complementary starter edamame


Cauliflower Chowder. Very well prepared. I used the crostini to sop up the soup.


Hamakua Mushroom. Lemongrasss hoisin, gremolata, roasted grape port wine reduction. This was the only course that wasn’t exceptional. I could have used a little more of it. There were 2 mushrooms and 3 grapes. Meh.


Local Eggplant & B. I. Hearts of Palm Ravioli. This on the other hand was amazing. It’s set on a basil pesto sauce that was to die for. For this dish, I ordered more crostini so I would lose out on any sauce.


Coconut-Vanilla Panna Cotta with Mango-Lime-Jalapeno salsa and Mango sorbet. This was a winner. Perfect conclusion to my meal.

Green & Vine Raw Vegan Gourmet, 909 Kapiolani Blvd., Honolulu


*Not-Tuna on Onion Bread. Amazing! Ingredients listed on their site include Organic Sunflower Seeds, Macadamia Nut “Mayonnaise,” Coconut Water, Dill, Dulse, Green Onions, Celery, and Licious Date Mustard. Bread: Organic Sunflower Seeds, Organic Brown Flax, Yellow Onions, Extra-Virgin Olive Oil, and Organic Ohsawa Wheat-Free Tamari.


Zucchini Fettuccini, Cashew Alfredo, Marinated Mushrooms. Fantastic!! Ingredients listed on their site include: Alfredo Sauce: Cashews, Mac Nuts, Lemon Juice, Garlic, Nutritional Yeast, Sea Salt. Mushroom Marinade: Ohsawa Gluten-Free Tamari, Extra-Virgin Olive Oil, Apple Cider Vinegar, Garlic


My friend had the Living Lasagna. She gave me a nice bite. Perfect food. Described as Layers of Seasoned Zucchini instead of Pasta, Basil Pesto, Sun-dried Tomato Marinara, Macadamia Nut “Ricotta,” Spinach and Sliced Tomatoes.


And of course dessert, Beet Cheesecake. It first it sounded odd. It turned out to be the second best dessert I had on the trip behind the coconut-vanilla panna cotta. Very delicious.


Some Waimei Valley Florals


The North Shore, Sunset Beach


I was very envious of this driveway. One day! One day!


A beach of Kailua Bay.


Two islands off Lanikai Beach


I started missing my doggie badly, so I had a Skype date with him. Don’t forget me!


Waiting on the bus from Waimei Valley to Sunset Beach, this man was playing his ukulele


On one day it was 80 degrees and started raining hard while I was walking to Peace Cafe. The rain felt nice, and I really didn’t have any worries. Mahalo.

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Bills seek to end farm abuse videos

“SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — An undercover video that showed California cows struggling to stand as they were prodded to slaughter by forklifts led to the largest meat recall in U.S. history. In Vermont, a video of veal calves skinned alive and tossed like sacks of potatoes ended with the plant’s closure and criminal convictions.

Now in a pushback led by the meat and poultry industries, state legislators across the country are introducing laws making it harder for animal welfare advocates to investigate cruelty and food safety cases.

Some bills make it illegal to take photographs at a farming operation. Others make it a crime for someone such as an animal welfare advocate to lie on an application to get a job at a plant.

Bills pending in California, Nebraska and Tennessee require that anyone collecting evidence of abuse turn it over to law enforcement within 24 to 48 hours — which advocates say does not allow enough time to document illegal activity under federal humane handling and food safety laws.”

To continue, visit http://news.yahoo.com/bills-seek-end-farm-animal-abuse-videos-181902626.html.

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The most popular countries on the VATW Network in 2012

The VATW Network has 2400+ members, up from 2,000 this time last year. The network increased from 105 to 127 member countries. Below are the top 20 countries and cities with the most visitors between January 1 and December 31, 2012. (top states/regions/cities in parenthesis).

I hope everyone will continue to use the network to make connections with fellow vegans both online and while traveling.

Top 20 Countries (and top cities) on the VATW Network 2012
1 United States (California, NY, Texas, Minnesota, Florida)
2 United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland)
3 Brazil (Sao Paolo, Santa Catarina, Rio Grande do Sul, Rio de Janeiro)
4 Germany (Nordrhein-Westfalen, Berlin, Baden-Württemberg)
5 Australia (Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, Western A.
6 Canada (Ontario, British Columbia, Quebec, Saskatchewan)
7 Argentina (Capital Federal, Buenos Aires, Santa Fe, Entre Rios)
8 Portugal (Lisboa, Porto, Viana do Castelo)
9 New Zealand (Auckland, Canterbury, Wellington)
10 Italy (Milan, Rome, Padua)
11 Switzerland (Basel-City, Zurich, Geneva)
12 Austria (Salzburg, Vienna)
13 France (Ile-de-France, Normandy – Upper, Provence-Alpes-Cote d’Azur)
14 Belgium (Merelbeke, Gent, Wetteren)
15 India (Karnataka, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Delhi)
16 Spain (Madrid, Barcelona, Jaen)
17 South Korea (Seoul City, Daegu, Busan)
18 Finland (Helsinki, Tampere, Porvoo)
19 Philippines (Manila, Cebu, Rizal)
20 Indonesia (Jakarta Raya, Jawa Timur, Jawa Barat)

Top 20 Cities on the VATW Network 2012
1 London
2 Buenos Aires
3 Auckland
4 Florianopolis, Brazil
5 Sao Paulo
6 Los Angeles
7 New York
8 Basle, Switzerland
9 Melbourne
10 Salzburg, Austria
11 Sydney
12 Berlin
13 Mankato, Minnesota
14 Lisbon
15 Porto Alegre, Brazil
16 Seoul
17 Hull, UK
18 Viana Do Castelo, Portugal
19 Paris
20 Athens

Now that you know where all the cool international vegans are, travel safely!

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Around the Web – August 19th

Human Rights

Animal Rights


Food & Desserts

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Signs I am becoming more acclimated to Korean culture

I get four hours of sleep. Then I get up at 7:30. I start work at nine. So I can last until 10 pm, I take a nap wherever I can. My old campus had a couch for times like these. At my new campus, I have to settle for these stacked desks that provide a nice, flat surface. Then, I knock out on my back for 40 minutes until the students start to show up.



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